Our Leadership Team

Amos Balongo

Amos Balongo, the visionary force behind Camp Ohana Foundation, has charted an inspiring course of leadership and achievement over the past 15 years. Under his dynamic guidance, the foundation has touched the lives of hundreds of children through innovative programs that transcend borders and foster global connections.
Since founding Camp Ohana Foundation in 2008, Amos has spearheaded initiatives that redefine children’s empowerment. Notably, he led the establishment of Kenya’s first children’s library, a testament to his commitment to education. Thousands of underserved children have benefited from the foundation’s diverse programs, delivering instruction hours that extend far beyond the ordinary.
Amos’s visionary spirit reached new heights with the creation of the first-ever Children’s Ukulele Orchestra in Africa, showcasing his dedication to cultural enrichment and musical education. His impact expanded globally as Camp Ohana Foundation connected children from around the world, creating a platform for shared experiences and understanding.
Amos transcends the role of founder, emerging as a seasoned consultant in children and youth programs.
Amos Balongo’s enduring legacy lies in his unwavering dedication to sustainable, impactful programs that mold children into global citizens. As he continues to shape the narrative of children’s empowerment, his leadership stands as a beacon, illuminating the path toward a brighter, interconnected future.

peggie Chen

Peggie Chen has been an integral part of Camp Ohana Foundation since its inception, contributing significantly to its growth. For five years, she served as the Director for Research and Development, demonstrating a deep commitment to the foundation’s mission.
With nearly two decades of experience in marketing and sales, coupled with a decade of expertise in nonprofit fundraising, Peggie brings a wealth of skills to her role on the Board of Directors. Her multifaceted background positions her as a valuable asset, combining strategic marketing insight with a profound understanding of the intricacies of nonprofit fundraising.
In the evolving landscape of Camp Ohana Foundation, Peggie focuses her efforts on developing crucial foundation initiatives and timelines. Her responsibilities extend to meticulously monitoring key performance indicators, ensuring the foundation’s operations align with its overarching goals. Peggie’s dedicated stewardship plays a pivotal role in navigating the foundation through its growth and maturation phases, contributing to its sustained impact on the communities it serves.

Richard Kitchens

Richard Kitchens brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role on the Board of Directors at Camp Ohana Foundation. With a distinguished career spanning over 30 years in the U.S. Navy, Richard played a pivotal role in business strategy development, operational planning, and the successful execution of numerous programs and deliverables. His responsibilities encompassed readiness and sustainment programs, crisis management, merger management, as well as maintenance and security initiatives.
Drawing from his extensive background, Richard contributes senior program management, financial management, and operational and strategic planning acumen to the Board of Directors at Camp Ohana Foundation. His multifaceted skill set positions him as a valuable asset in shaping the foundation’s future trajectory.
Richard is enthusiastic about his role in setting strategic goals and vision for Camp Ohana Foundation. His commitment extends to crafting executable plans that propel the foundation forward during this global development phase. With Richard’s guidance, Camp Ohana Foundation is poised to make significant strides, ensuring a meaningful impact on the lives of the children it serves.

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