Camp Ohana Children's Ukulele Orchestra

Camp Ohana Foundation’s Children’s Ukulele Orchestra is a beacon of joy and harmony, transcending boundaries and bringing the spirit of Aloha to the hearts of children in Kenya. Born out of the belief that music has the power to transform lives, we discovered talented youngsters in villages who had never experienced the magic of musical instruments.
Under the visionary guidance of Amos Balongo, founder of Camp Ohana Foundation and a passionate Ukulele player, these children have become the pioneers of the First Children’s Ukulele Orchestra in Africa. The Ukulele, with its sweet melodies, has become a medium through which these children express themselves, fostering creativity, unity, and a profound sense of accomplishment.
To support the Camp Ohana Children’s Ukulele Orchestra is to contribute to a movement that extends far beyond the strumming of strings. It is an investment in the well-being and cultural enrichment of these children, offering them opportunities for growth, expression, and connection. Your donations will enable us to expand this program, reaching more communities, and spreading the transformative power of music to even greater heights.
Join us in creating a symphony of change, where every note played by the Children’s Ukulele Orchestra resonates with the promise of a brighter, harmonious future. Your support will not only nurture musical talent but will also sow the seeds of love and joy that will flourish in the hearts of these wonderful children and echo across the world.

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